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Digital Marketing Strategy 

Do you want to increase your brand awareness?

To increase awareness you must invest in brand recognition actions, establish a positive relationship with your audience and have an active presence on social networks. We create action plans and analyse the most important metrics so that our clients can steadily increase their awareness. Want to define a strategy? Send an email to

Building customer loyalty is one of the most difficult tasks for companies. Every day there are more offers in different areas, which allows the consumer to have a wide range of options. At Dunk, we create loyalty strategies specially designed for your company. 

Somos peritos em estratégias de branding e na criação de identidades visuais únicas, se a sua empresa quer marcar a diferença, envie um email para

For a business to grow it needs customers. If your focus is on getting new customers, you need to follow them through their entire business lifecycle. At Dunk, we work through every stage of the Customer Journey to build customer loyalty and bring new customers to your company.

Do you want to create a Website? 

Having a website is essential for a company that wants to have an online presence. We create websites tailored to your company and develop all the content and graphics according to your indications and preferences, always bearing in mind our digital orientation for its optimisation. 

To have a successful online store requires a lot of work behind the scenes. It is not enough to just post the products. A strategy thought out and designed from the beginning, with a focus on sales, is important. If you intend to sell your products through the internet and would like to have a proposal that adds value, send us an email to

Digital campaigns with excellent results usually take the user to a conversion-focused Landing Page. This allows the user to perform an action, without getting lost in the information on the institutional website. Want an effective Landing Page? Send an email to

The user experience on your website is crucial to your company’s success. At Dunk, we build websites with easy and intuitive interfaces, respecting UI and UX Design principles. 

Do you want to promote your products/services on the internet? 

Promoting products and services on the internet is essential to grow your business and attract new customers. Learn about the strategies we have for your company. Send an email to

The creation of digital campaigns provides a fundamental Brand Awareness for your brand, and allows the exponential growth of your business. We have the knowledge and tools to help you expand your business in the digital universe. Would you like to know more? Send an email to

Optimizing your website for search engines is an open door to new and qualified users. At Dunk, we work daily to keep our customers on the first search pages of Google. 

To build a strong presence in digital channels, it is not enough to be present online. It requires a strategic, analytical, and qualitative look. We have the means and resources to provide you with the digital presence you seek. Send an email to

Want to grow your online community? 

The consumer has multiple brands competing for his attention. Having a large online community provides companies with greater Brand Awareness. At Dunk, we develop several actions for the growth of online communities. Want to know which ones? Send us an email to

A good strategy to improve visibility and digital presence is the production of content for social networks. In this channel we are able to disseminate the company’s image, promote products/services, demonstrate the culture, and reach the target audience in a direct way. We constantly work our clients’ social networks to create communities that generate a strong positive impact.

Using social networks to promote products or services allows companies to reach potential customers, generate more leads and increase website visits. We build digital campaigns on the various social media platforms with a focus on your customers’ profiles. Want to learn more? Send us an email to

Prospects are contacts who have not yet expressed a real desire to close a deal. Transforming these contacts into qualified leads requires a well-designed marketing strategy with the sales team. Would you like to know our proposal to increase your sales? Send an email to

Do you intend to provide E-books to capture leads? 

Content creation is very important for brands. E-books are excellent tools to provide free or paid content and thus generate leads and move them forward in the sales funnel. 

We are specialists in visual communication, and each project mirrors the essence of our clients. Interested? Send an email to

Newsletters allow you to send relevant information to your customers and create a close relationship between the consumer and the brand. We create optimized content focused on your company and on your area of activity with a distinctive design. We also send them and analyze the results with detailed reports. Want to know more? Send an email to

Institutional videos are ideal to feature on your website, on your social networks or to project at trade shows. It can tell the story of your business, your mission and values, promote products and services, show the backstage of your company and your employees. It’s the opportunity to humanize your brand and influence the public’s opinions. At Dunk, we specialize in the creative development and production of videos for B2B and B2C. To get a proposal for your company, send us an email at