Our Policy


Dunk collects only anonymous information. Data collection occurs while the user visits the Website and is used for:

  • Website performance improvement, including the management and prioritization of content;
  • To control the access rate of new users;
  • To Identify the users average navigation duration on our Website;
  • Collect Information about the user’s navigation on the Website;
  • To inform about the geographical origin of the visitors.


The personal data collection on the Website is full responsibility of DUNK, which assumes the commitment of not transferring any information regarding the visitors of the Website to any third parties. DUNK does not take any responsibility for the content acceded through any hyperlink that may lead the user to navigate outside the domain www.dunkagency.com


The violation, or attempted violation, of the database obtained from this Website will lead to the opening of legal proceedings against the offender(s).


If you have a legal accusation or incident to report, please send an email to marketing@dunkagency.


DUNK uses cookies in order to allow the improvement of the website and the user´s browsing experience. Any browser allows the user to accept, refuse or eliminate cookies, through the browser settings selected by the user. If you prefer to disable the cookies, some services of our website may stop working, affecting your navigation experience.


Cookies are small text files with relevant information processed by the user´s browser, during the time the user is navigating on the Website.

The use of cookies helps the Website recognize which device type is being used by the user, improving their navigation experience. Cookies only retain information related to your preferences, not revealing any personal information.

In order to optimize your navigation experience as much as possible, we recommend you do not disable the cookies, since they increase the responsive website navigation.


There are many types of cookies with different features and functions:

  • Essential Cookies – Are very relevant to access specific areas of the Website, allowing a good navigation experience;
  • Functional Cookies – These cookies allow the user preferences to be stored while visiting the website. Which means that, it is not necessary to customize the Website whenever you visit it;
  • Analytic cookies – This type of cookies allows the analysis of how users use the Website, the most popular pages and the monitoring of the performance of the Website. These features enable the perception of possible error messages on the Website. Personal information will never be revealed.


A DUNK reserves the right to change the rules described on this page, so we suggest your frequent visit to this address. We consider that users are aware of these policies while navigating on www.dunkagency.com.